Since I don’t have an underwater camera, I have not taken many photos of fish at Douglass Park. The only fish I see and photograph fairly often are the large schools of baby catfish that swarm in the lagoon waters during the warmer months. Here’s what they looked like:


School of baby bullhead catfish photographed from the bridge over the large lagoon at Douglass Park (June, 2016).

I’ve also seen birds eating baby catfish on many occasions, including herons, terns, ducks, grebes, and gulls. Here are a few photos of that happening:


Pied-billed Grebe swallowing a baby catfish, southeast lagoon (November, 2016).


Herring Gull preparing to swallow a baby catfish, on north lagoon’s ice (January, 2016)

Once the weather warms, I’ll be looking for more opportunities to photograph fish in Douglass Park.