Monarch Butterflies in Douglas Park, 2017

We saw lots of Monarch butterflies in Douglas Park druing the summer and early fall of 2017!

During June and July, we often saw Monarchs sipping nectar on milkweed flowers, especially on Swamp Milkweed that grows at the edges of the lagoons. These Monarchs probably laid their eggs on the park’s milkweed plants. During August and September, we saw Monarchs fueling up on nectar from many other kinds of wildflowers. These later Monarchs were probably migrating south to Mexico.

Here are some photos of Monarch butterflies on wildflowers, taken during 2017 in Douglas Park:

According to the following DNAInfo article, many other Chicago area residents reported seeing more Monarchs during the summer of 2017:  Monarch Butterflies Flying High This Year After Recent Declines





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