Remembering July on a cold February day

I enjoyed my January visits to Douglas Park. Despite the cold and snow and ice, I found 21 kinds of birds in the park last month! But now it’s early February, and the winter weeks are starting to drag. At times like this, it’s good to remember that the sun and its warmth will soon return. So here are some of my photographic memories of the birds and bugs I found in Douglas Park last July.

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Here’s more information about the creatures in the slide show:


Monarch Butterfly sipping nectar from Swamp Milkweed flowers at the edge of the lagoon, Douglas Park. (July, 2016)


Black Swallowtail butterfly at the edge of north lagoon, Douglas Park. (July, 2016)


Young Pied-billed Grebe on the sanctuary lagoon (where it was hatched and raised), Douglas Park. (July, 2016)


Indigo Bunting (male) singing in the sanctuary meadow, Douglas Park. (July, 2016)


Common Yellowthroat (male) with a beak full of insects to feed its babies, sanctuary meadow, Douglas Park. (July, 2016)


Mallard (female) with her ducklings, the Lily Pond, Douglas Park. (July, 2016)


Eastern Pondhawk dragonfly, female, edge of the Lily Pond, Douglas Park. (July, 2016)


Red Admiral butterfly sipping nectar from a thistle flower, Douglas Park. (July, 2016)


Eastern Pondhawk dragonfly (male), edge of a sanctuary prairie patch, Douglas Park. (July, 2016)


Dogbane Leaf Beetle, edge of the sanctuary lagoon, Douglas Park. (July, 2016)


American Goldfinch (male), eating thistle seeds in a sanctuary meadow, Douglas Park. (July, 2016)

To experience more summer in February, check out these Nature in Douglas Park pages:




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